Alternative Story Telling


My niece just returned from story hour at the local library. She enthusiastically told me about the story they read. It seems there was this little Dutch girl who stuck her finger in a dyke.

I interrupted her, “You mean the Hans Brinker story about the little Dutch boy who stuck his finger in a dam to keep the town from being flooded. This comes from an old Dutch fairy tale, “The Holland Ring” written by Hans Brinker. It’s the tale of the little boy who saved his town by plugging a leak in the dyke until help arrived. 

“No,” she said it was girl, “It was a girls soccer team and there weren’t any dams.” Then she showed me the brochure advertising the event at library.

I guess she was right. No dams plenty of dykes. I hate it when they mess with the classics.

In a perfect feminist world deep fried testicles would be on every menu.