Nomination For A Hero Badge

Nezar Hamze, terrorist spokesman, deputy sheriff

Broward County Sheriff’s Office, the dysfunctional agency that just keeps on giving. Nezar Hamze, who is also a Deputy at the Broward County Sheriff’s Office (BSO), is now the Executive Director of the South Florida Muslim Federation (SFMF), an umbrella group for South Florida’s many radical Muslim organizations, which includes CAIR. Sheriff Scott Israel may be gone but his legacy continues.

Hamze’s application for a deputy position was rejected by the hiring board. Sheriff Israel hired him anyway. CAIR, for those that refuse to remember, is an unindicted co-conspirator in the “Holy Land” terrorist money laundering case. Hamze is a spokesman and supporter of the organization and its goals.

I admit that I’m a little extreme. As a cop, I refused to join a police union in whatever form. I believed then and now that part of my job, as a police officer, was to fight organized crime not pay dues to it. There are useful idiots out there that will shout: First Amendment! That doesn’t work with cops. The nature of the job requires that rights available to the general public are not available to cops.

Joe Six-Pack or Sally Snowflake can espouse what ever half baked idea creeps into their little heads. Their ability to actually put those ideas into action and effect is limited. That isn’t necessarily so with cops.

Bull Connor was the Commissioner of Public Safety for Birmingham, Alabama, during the civil rights era. He didn’t write the laws used against the civil rights demonstrators. What he and his counterparts in Chicago did is draw the line, dedicate the resources and establish the acceptable standards of police behavior. The result is captured in photos, like the ones below.

Bull Connor

The point is that police and police departments should have only one agenda. The even handed enforcement of the law and protection of the entire community. It is a goal that will probably never be achieved, but that doesn’t mean the quest should be abandoned.

No good purpose is served to cater to one group at the expense of another. Community policing is all well and good as long as all the communities share a common goal.

Nezar Hamze represents a clear conflict of interest between the views and organizations he supports, the BSO, and community at large. Would he still be employed if he was a spokesman for the KKK?

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