Liberal Logic #215

How come cows cause global warming and not horses?

Wild Horses

The AP (link below) is reporting that the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) is running out of pasture due to the over population of wild horses. Most wildlife over population issues are handled through selective culling. But not wild horses because, “Black Beauty”, “Mr. Ed”, “Shadowfax”, to name a few. The French would be happy to eat horses, but horse meat processing is banned in the US.

It gets better.

The Congress critter from New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants to eliminate the cattle industry. The reason given is cow farts. She is silent regarding the flatulence of horses. I can come up with the choice of two reasons. (1) Family affiliation, refer to photos. (2) She is so dumb that she thinks any farts emanating along New York city bridal paths must be the fault of the rider and not the horse.

This may come as shock to those experts who measure the horse expertise from riding the Cony Island Carousel or watching “National Velvet”. I have owned horses. Horses fart with or without riders.

The bottom line is, anytime you get a herd of well fed heifers, no matter the species, in one spot, a bunch of hot air and stink is sure to follow.