Nomination for a Hero Badge

Those of you who have followed my rantings over the years are familiar with my expressed disdain for three letter agencies. There are feds that troll local law enforcement agencies in search of potential career cases. Popular fiction is replete with instances of crooked cops throwing down guns next to the rapidly cooling bodies of misguided youths. Nasty business.

There is another variation of the “throw down” gun scheme. It is called the “throw down cover sheet.” That occurs when federal agents leave the safe confines of their offices and prowl police stations looking for cases where the local cops have arrested idiots. The Feds steal the case from the locals and save democracy once again. These Feds can enhance their careers without risking anything more than a paper cut.

Dipshit of the week

Thank God for the FBI! This drooling fool, secure in the confines of his parent’s basement posted threats on the Internet. The FBI confronted him and asked him if he really meant it. He said he did. After several months of investigation, they concluded he did mean it. Nothing in the article indicates that he actually had the ability to make good on his threat. But he mentioned the magic words “Allahu Ekberr.” His ass went off to the pokey.

He fucked up, he should have said, “Black Lives Matter,” then he would have been free and clear and been eligible for a grant from SVB.

The more things change, the more they remain the same. Here is another example of FBI crime fighting at its best: The Bureaucratic Mind – PORAC Ponders

It would be easy to laugh at these Bozos, until you consider this fact. The FBI spent thousands of dollars and countless man hours to snatch this guy from his parent’s basement. How many other investigations languished while this shit show was going on?

Does picking the low hanging fruit ring a bell?