Nomination For A Hero Badge

NYPD placed two cops on “modified assignment.” Modified assignment means the administration took their badges and guns and made them go stand in the corner.

Their sin? In Texas, we would call it, participating in plain and fancy trick fucking, while on duty and in police offices. But we’re talking New York so the powers that be came up with a different charge. The female Lieutenant was apparently drunk and screwing a male sergeant. She got gigged for not being fit for duty. He got it for misuse of department time. It is a good thing they were not uniformed officers or they would have caught a rip for being out of uniform.

I can hear the Sergeant’s union representative now… “My client has a perfectly reasonable explanation, he was on a sanctioned coffee break. But, he doesn’t like coffee. To quote a former Texas Sheriff, “What he does on his own time, is his own business.”

Previously reported incidents have established that superior/subordinate sex is not subject to sanction. So their choice of activity is not an issue, just the venue.

The Lieutenant may have department traditions on her side. There was a Deputy Chief of NYPD who described the advantages of being a member of NYPD. He said, “Where else can you arrive at work broke, sober and horny and by the end of shift take care of all three?” Ah, the good old days.

There is an old maxim that says: “Take care of your people and they will take care of you.” I suspect this was advice that the Lieutenant ignored. Now she is paying the price.

What would Malloy and Reed say?