Ideal democratic Candidate For Bexar County Sheriff

democratic candidate for Sheriff

Up until now I have never endorsed any candidate for office. I have made my view known, but no endorsement. Michelle Vela, a former Pct 2 Constable is everything a democrat ought to be. She is by far the most qualified candidate on the democratic slate.

Here are some of her outstanding qualities:

She is arrogant in her stupidity. Under her leadership she alienated the Justice of the Peace in her precinct.

Her office was so mismanaged that records regarding fines and fees collected are in a shambles.

She fought with subordinates causing a high turnover of deputies.

While working security at a high profile event, she attempted to eject the Sheriff from the venue and failed.

She talked herself out of the Constable’s position by announcing her intent to run for Sheriff. The announcement triggered a provision in the Texas Constitution that maintained such an announcement was a resignation from her current position.

She is corrupt. She arrived at a county park to find a prime space was already reserved and occupied by another family. They refused to move. Constable Vela then announced that they had to hire a Constable to provide security, at $50 an hour. When the family ran out of money, $300 they vacated and she got the space.

Both the FBI and Texas Rangers have initiated investigations into her actions.

According to the San Antonio Express News, Vela cemented her status as most qualified democrat when she was indicted.

Vela, 46, is facing one count of aggravated perjury and two counts of tampering or fabricating evidence, both third-degree felonies. She also faces three counts of official oppression, a Class A misdemeanor.

Former Precinct 2 Captain Marc Duane Garcia, 40, who worked under Vela, was also indicted Thursday on one charge of aggravated perjury and three counts of official oppression.

Both Vela and Garcia turned themselves in Thursday afternoon at the Bexar County Courthouse. With their hands and ankles in shackles, they appeared before a judge, who set Vela’s bond at $25,000. She posted bond shortly thereafter and was released.

Michelle Vela is everything democrats expect in a candidate, stupid, corrupt and easily led. Course, if it doesn’t work out in Texas there are other opportunities. I hear Massachusetts might be in the market for a State Police Superintendent.

That could be a step down, since the Massachusetts State Police Superintendent is called Colonel and wears the Eagle insignia. That is a step down from the regalia of a four star general or Mexican doorman in a Nuevo Laredo whorehouse.