But Grandma…

It happened at a border crossing checkpoint in San Diego. The suspects are a sixty-five years old grandmother and her nineteen year old granddaughter. The mind plays tricks.

Everybody had a grandmother. The first flash is liable to be, not grandma! Not all of them were capable of baking pies.

Grandma and apple pie!

Here are some other grandmotherly types

Ma Barker, killed by the FBI
Hillary Clinton, covered for by FBI

Draw your own conclusions as to who was the greater threat to public safety.

In this story, grandma is sixty-five. Put her age into context. By the time she was out and on her own, Haight-Ashbury and the summer of Peach, Love and Dope was ten years past.

Grandma’s entire adult life was in the shadow of the dope culture. She might have been untouched. On the other hand she could have fifty years of experience in the world of dope.

This was a disparity that new narcs had to be made to understand. When they left the office to deal with dopers their age or even slightly younger they were at a disadvantage. The crooks were operating within a culture where they had years of experience. The baby narc measured their exposure to the same culture in weeks and months.

The only thing they had to offset it was brains, balls and an appeal to the greed of the dealer.