MSM Incompetence

Kneeling man in Bay Area killed by police who say they mistook hammer for gun

I’m not sure what this headline is trying to accomplish. Is it that kneeling people can’t shoot? That kneeling people pose no threat? That kneeling people are good people?

I know, I know; that headline writers focus on keywords without regard to context.

The MSM puts the focus on one thing and ignores other points. How about this for the headline instead, “Fleeing Felon Shot By Police.”

I sometimes think that Adobe is the main contributor to current MSM stories. Floyd, kneeling cop, running crook almost kneeling. Same word gotta be the same, context be damned.

How about this? The cop shot out his own windshield. That means that unless he was a midget, the cop was seated when he fired. It appears from the photo, that Texas governor Abbott shoots pretty well, while seated.

As the photos demonstrate, kneeling is a viable position for shooting. All this time liberals thought kneeling was just for sex. The photos also demonstrate one can shoot lying down (with or without clothes).

The headline doesn’t inform only inflame.