How Do They Know?

Sometimes I just gotta go for the low hanging fruit. Dude gets shot with a non-lethal round while attending a protest. The claim is, now he is suffering brain damage.

I guess he could be. But he was a student at Texas State. It may be a college but calling it a bastion of learning is stretching things a bit. Now would be the time to reintroduce a prior blog entry, to back up my assertion.

Texas State has a long history of activism.

Then there is the whole head injury bit. That claim could be over rated.

I ran a search warrant on the residence of a speed freak. He retaliated by fire bombing the task force office. He attempted a getaway by driving into a subdivision consisting of three blocks. There is only one way in and out.

Two task force agents were hot on his trail. They pulled into the parking lot of the office just as the speed freak hurled his Molotov Cocktail. Did I mention that the office sits next to a rail road track? A train was blocking the crossing. The drivers of the ten cars blocked by the train all had front row seats.. They hung around to be witnesses.

Seeing that the agents were between him and the exit, the speed freak rammed their vehicle. Not once but twice. The agents returned the favor by shooting him, twice.

According to the surgeons, the agents performed a street corner prefrontal lobotomy on the speed freak. The informant paid the family a visit to inquire into the speed freak’s condition.

The family claimed that he was fine. Just his same old self. I guess having an entire brain is over rated.

One of the officers received a phone message from the crook. It stated, “I’ve got half a mind to sue you.” Okay, maybe it wasn’t from the crook. The agent didn’t think it was half as funny as I did.

You want entertainment go to the movies, not a riot. Yeah I know the guy had a right to be there. He also had a right to walk down the middle of IH 35. Circumstances sometimes provide warning signs that a particular course of action is inherently unsafe.