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The More Things Change, The More They Remain the Same

An oldie but a goody

The problem with getting old is watching the young make the same old mistakes. The old bastard in Buffalo is not the victim here. The young and dumb cops are. I watched this and felt like I was back in the 70’s again.

In Buffalo, the cops are told to clear the square. It is safe to say that they issued orders to that effect. There are no other protesters nearby. Either the old fart ignored the order or advanced on the police line. From the video it is obvious that he advanced on the cops. The unknown is how far.

From the cops point of view this guy has ignored a lawful order and has advanced on them. Then he reaches out and grabs at or pushes two cops. In the normal course of things this is probably no big deal. However, his actions constitute assault. In that it is unwanted contact or contact he should know is provocative. He could be arrested.

The cops gave him a shove to create distance. Had he not fallen that probably would have been the end of it. If the officers intended to arrest him they would have latched onto him.

What happened instead is that he fell down. Maybe unintended but possibly to create a photo op or in this case a video op.

How does this relate to the 70’s? During protests in the 70’s sweet young things armed with a smile and a flower would populate the front line. They would be face to face with cops that were much bigger. To the casual viewer or photographer the cops next actions were unprovoked. When the cop smacked the hell out of everybody’s vision of the girl next door.

What the camera and bystanders missed is the combat boot wearing sweet young thing kicking the hell out of the cop’s shins.

Somebody forgot to tell the Buffalo cops the shin guards are not just a fashion statement. They are the there for protection and to keep the officer from getting sucked into a confrontation.

I call the Buffalo cops dumb on two counts. One they got sucked in by the old bastard. The second count is the whole riot squad resigning in mass. Apparently the goofy bastards actually believed that the politicians had their backs.

So they left the tactical unit. When it comes time to stand on the line they will still be on the line.

I have had politicians, bureaucrats and lawyers behind me many times, as they tried to bend me over.