Live By the Sword, Die By….

One of the things that bothered me about porn is that the sexual antics lacked any kind of foundation. No love or affection or even consent for that matter. The moves were lined out in the script.

I saw an interview with Jeremy a number of years ago. I didn’t spend much time watching it. But what I did see was an attitude expressed that likely led to his current circumstance. He seemed to take for granted the fact that no woman would pass up an opportunity to have sex with a well hung porn star. Guess reflection, by mirror or otherwise, exists in Jeremy’s world.

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Adult film star Ron Jeremy was charged with raping three women and sexually assaulting a fourth, Los Angeles County prosecutors said Tuesday.


Ron Jeremy’s troubles are just beginning. He has been charged with multiple counts of rape and sexual assault. in LA. Just wait until the politically correct crowd gets a look at his offending appendage.

With the passing of Johnny “Wad” Holmes, Jeremy was reputed to be the best hung porn actor in the business. Jeremy aroused could cause many black men to hang their heads in shame thinking, “By God, they do make that in white!*”

I can hear the charges now, “cultural appropriation”. When the lynch mobs are finished, Ron Jeremy will be able to explain the difference between being hung and being hanged.

*The area I patrolled had a bar that was popular with some of the San Antonio Spurs. The surrounding parking lots were popular with car burglars. I was passing through the bar parking lot after a game.

I saw a figure hunkered down in the front seat of a Mercedes. I got out to investigate. What I found was a blond Spurs fan showing her appreciation to a black Spurs player. Being face down in his lap she didn’t see me, but he did.

My concern is this type of situation is to ensure that everybody involved is a willing, legal participant. A typical line I might use was, “Excuse me sir, is she holding you here against your will?” With positive assurances I would be on my way.

On this occasion, I looked at the Spur and asked, “Goddamn do they make that in white?” She paused in her activities long enough to respond, “Nope” and then went right back to work. My job done, I got out of there before formal introductions were required.