How Come?

The rich are different than the rest of us. That distinction is even more obvious when the rich are wealthy liberals and friends of BJ Bill.

Steve Bing (left) Pavement Pancake

There are a variety of ways to commit suicide. Jumping from a high place and ending up as a pavement pancake is just one way. When the Joe Sixpack takes that route, he is often referred to as a “jumper.” Alternately it might be said that, “he took a swan dive or a header.” When the rich do it, well it’s different. The MSM states, Bing “fell.”

Does anybody know if he and BJ Bill, the serial rapist recently had a falling out? Is Hillary in Los Angeles?

It wasn’t the fall that killed him. It was the sudden stop. He made a choice and carried out successfully. I don’t mean to be callous, but under the circumstances bon voyage doesn’t seem to cut it.

If this was Bing’s suicide note, the message didn’t get out in time.