Do As I Say, Not As I Do…

Matthew Luckhurst and his culinary creation

I guess Matthew Luckhurst’s luck finally ran out. Luckhurst, a former San Antonio Police Officer, was fired for offering a homeless guy a “shit sandwich”. The firing was confirmed this week.

These events started in 2016. Four years later there is finally a resolution. It takes less time to convict somebody of murder.

The cynic in me would point out this is an example of a double standard. Chief McManus has been feeding the rank and file shit sandwiches for years. He has served so many, he ought to have a catering license. Let a beat cop do it and its, feces, meet fan.

I don’t know what the official charges were against Luckhurst, but impersonating a police chief was there, but unstated.

With Luckhurst police work is out. I guess there is always catering.

What would Tony do?