I Dare You, Sue

There is a silver lining to the Smollet debacle ongoing in Chicago. The uninitiated would have people believe that police, district attorney offices and courts are monolithic that march lockstep to the same beat. The Smollet case shows that isn’t so.



It’s no secret that Cook County is one of the most corrupt communities in the nation. One would have to travel to Massachusetts to find a geographically larger culture of corruption. What do the bohunks and the Brahmans have in common? Unchallenged one party rule. Generations of folks in those locales know nothing but the democratic party. To find a similar example, on a larger scale, one would have to look to Russia.

There is a disturbance in the force. The Chicago Police Department has released the results of their investigation into the Smollett affair. Bloggers and reporters have uncovered emails and texts between the State’s Attorney and various individuals who exerted influence on her to drop the case. All of this would be grist for the mill, if Smollett were to sue. (Below). The go along to get along attitude may be broken in this instance.


Be careful what you wish for. During the last ten years liberals have been above the law, answerable to nobody but the select. They failed to consider that when so much of what they have been pushing, BLM, Trans rights, Russian collusion, Global warming and peaceful Muslim intentions have proven to be wrong there is liable to be push back.