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He dangled off from the top of Yosemite’s Nevada Fall for a selfie, but couldn’t hang on

By Mike Moffitt, SFGATE Updated 3:51 pm CDT, Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Tomer Frankfurter wanted an adventurous selfie photo as a keepsake of his Yosemite trip, so he ventured out on a ledge above 594-foot-high Nevada Fall.

Tragedy, to me, seems to be an over used term. The deceased brought this on himself. I think the more appropriate term is: “Sucks to be him.” Here is the classic definition of tragedy.


(ˈtrædʒɪdɪ  )nounWord forms: plural -dies1. (esp in classical and Renaissancedrama) a play in which the protagonist, usually a person of importance and outstandingpersonal qualities, falls to disaster through the combination of a personal failing and circumstances with which he or she cannot deal2. (in later drama, such as that of Ibsen) a play in which the protagonist is overcome by a combination of social and psychological circumstances3. any dramatic or literarycompositiondealing with serious or sombrethemes and endingwith disaster4. (in medievalliterature) a literary work in which a great person falls from prosperity to disaster, often through no fault of his or her own5. the branch of drama dealing with such themes