Had Enough?

I am often accused of outrageous hyperbole. I am guilty, but not always. I point out that democrats are scum. That is an understatement. The depths of democrat depravity has no bottom.

If I am guilty of anything it is understating the problem.
From Powerline:

Abolish Police

Aisha Gomez, Minnesota State Representative

I seem to recall advice for recruiting radicals back in the 1960’s. The writer urged that recruiters pay special attention to fat, ugly people, with limited social skills. These folks would be thrilled to be included in any group. Guess it still holds true.

Here are some excerpts regarding her stance:

This is why we talk about police abolition.

There is no reform that can fix this system. No training or body camera or coaching or diversification effort or outside investigation or toothless oversight body that can fix this.

Aisha Gomez, a member of the Minnesota legislature.

The origins of policing in the U.S. are in slave patrols that hunted liberated enslaved people and quelled uprisings.

Aisha Gomez, a member of the Minnesota legislature.

Support for Terrorism

“Urooj Rahman, New York Attorney, Terrorist


Salmah Rizvi, who served in the Defense Department and State Department during the Obama administration, 

In case you missed it two attorneys firebombed an occupied New York City police car. Urooj Rahman was one of them. Salmah Rizvi put up her $250,000 bail. She held positions at both Defense and State Departments during the Obama administration.

For thirty years I hung out with pimps, dope dealers, murderers, whores and thieves. I’ll take them any day over a democrat. At least the crooks had no illusions about what they were.

Some things never change!