Stupid Crook Tricks

ANTIFA was hard at work in Chicago. This guy had a plan and carried it out…there was just one thing.

Timothy O’Donnell showed up in Chicago. He stuck a rag in the gas tank of a Chicago police car and lit it.

Ripped T-shirt for wick $free
Tattoo removal $149

Not covering a tattoo leading to a quick identification and arrest. Keeping the mask at home. PRICELESS!

This guy is one of the poor and downtrodden. One has to question his ability to plan and organize. A tattoo on one’s chin would seem to limit one’s employment options and ability to earn a living.

But it is society’s fault ‘that he is not a CEO for a major company.

Facial tattoos may work for rap artists, rock stars and professional athletes. Then again how many of those folks go on to lucrative endorsement contracts?