Gotta Hand It To Them

Mexican Crime Prevention

Breitbart reports that a Mexican cartel has stepped in to address street crime in the community. Four individuals, three men and a woman were found in the street bleeding profusely. According to signs left behind, all four were accused of robbing and stealing from people. Local law enforcement wasn’t up to the task of protecting the community or arresting the offenders. The cartel stepped in and hacked off their hands. No arrest, no trial, and no appeal.

New York has a bill pending that would prevent the police from interacting with the homeless in any manner. This means that homeless people will be immune from arrest. This is a higher status than democrats, who may be arrested, but are immune to prosecution.

Minneapolis has voted to defund the police department. Austin cut the police budget by a significant amount. In Seattle and Portland arrest decisions are not governed by law but by politics. When the police aren’t available to respond, the populace will take matters into their own hands.

Right now the crime rate has increased in all the cities attacking their police departments. At some point the citizen will realize that they are on their own. The first indication that the community is taking responsibility for their safety will be confrontations ending with dead crooks. Most shootings will be justified, or not. An occasional killing over jaywalking is a twofer. Shooter and shootee gone in one action. Liberal District Attorney Offices will attempt to criminalize lawful behavior. Facts be damned, it is all about the complexion of the offender. Once that happens dead crooks will start popping up all around town. How they got there nobody knows.

While you still can, raise your hand if you saw this one coming.

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