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Another Story of Homelessness and Heartbreak

Homeless, oh dear! It must be society’s fault! Why? I was a cop for thirty years. One thing those years taught me is that there are a variety of reasons that people end up homeless. Not all of them entail a fault of society. Sometimes it is a choice. There are some folks who choose to be homeless because they don’t want the burden of following rules. Others end up the streets because of poor choices they made. Their intent wasn’t to wind up on the street but that is where they ended up.

It used to be that there were institutions where mentally ill, down right crazy and mentally challenged could find refuge. These places went by a variety of names, state schools, mental institutions, and homes. In the 70’s liberals decided that such institutions were demeaning to wackos and their ilk. Liberals shut these places down and put the wackos on the street.

Once released the downtrodden could reach for their fullest potential, eating out of garbage cans, shitting in the street, baying at the moon, not bathing and wearing clothes until they turned to rags. Sometimes, unfortunates had a safety net. Family members willing to take them in. This is just such a cautionary tale. At the link.
This article imparts almost no background and is nothing more that a weird news item.

The Daily Mail, on the other hand goes into detail and includes e-mail exchanges and lists of the items at issue.

David Werking, rhymes with “jerking” found himself homeless after a divorce. He moved back in with mom and dad. He also brought his extensive pornography collection and a variety of “appliances.” It is probably just me but, pornography collection and divorce, could there be a cause and effect?

Despite his parents long term stated objection to his pornography collection he brought it with him. He stayed in their home for ten months. Did I mention that Werking is 42 years of age? At some point he moved out of his parents home and apparently left his collection behind.

I’m just a broke down cop. There is a concept called “abandonment.” When a person walks away from his possessions he no longer has control or an interest in the item. Most often heard in conjunction with the statement, “It’s not my dope!” Werking moved out and his parents cleaned house.

No good deed goes unpunished. Werking complained to the police and wanted to file criminal charges. He claimed his parents actions constituted theft and he valued the collection at over $29,000. The cops wouldn’t play.

What kind of looser pays for porn? You can download it for free on the Internet. I mean that’s just what I’ve heard. Werking spent $29,000 on porn. Had he not done so he may have had sufficient income to sustain himself after his divorce.

Read the emails. From the tone and tenor of the emails Werking’s collection wasn’t quietly hidden away. Take in a step further and ask yourself. Whose TV and computer was he using to watch porn? Hey dad, the Cowboy’s suck on the football field. Let’s watch “Debbie Does Dallas,” pay attention mom you might learn something.

At any rate a sympathetic judge decided that Werking wasn’t jerking him off and ruled that his parents had to pay. Seems to me like they have been paying and paying for the jerk.