Florida Dog

Neighbors find dog behind the wheel of moving car

In the dog world, there is only one thing better than riding in a car. That is getting to drive one. Tell me I’m wrong. How many times have you vacated the driver’s seat, for a moment, only to come back and found Fido behind the wheel? To drive is every dog’s dream. One dog realized that dream in Port St Lucie, Florida.


He has pictures to prove it. A black lab rode around in circles for about an hour when the car he was in slipped into reverse. It’s not the destination that counts but the journey.

The cops finally got the car stopped and the dog jumped out, none the worst for the wear.

Was it inadvertent or intentional? We know that dogs can be protective of “their” cars. It may turn out that they pay more attention to vehicle operation than we realize. Noska was a dope detecting K-9. We always claimed that when Noska and her female handler drove down the street, the dog was the brains of the outfit.

Noska, when left alone in the car, on more than one occasion activated the emergency lights and siren. This guaranteed that she was no longer alone.

My dog “Rodin” liked to ride with his front feet on the center console. I thought it was for the view and the ability to drool into my ear. One day my air conditioner went out. I opened the windows, but he rejected the idea of sticking his head out the window.

He maintained his position on the console, periodically poking the air conditioning vents and then me.

Never underestimate a dog