Crime of the Century

Thief Steals $21,000 Worth Of Panties From Victoria’s Secret, Police Say

LOWER ALLEN TOWNSHIP, Pa. (CBS) — Police in Lower Allen Township say someone stole $21,000 worth of panties from a Victoria’s Secret on Sunday. The incident happened around 3 p.m. at the store inside the Capital City Mall.

Think about the headline and story for a moment. Would the story have even been mentioned if widgets were the object of the theft instead of panties? The story isn’t about the thief or the monetary amount of loss. It isn’t about the audacity of the theft. If it had been, then the number of panties and the logistics of moving them undetected would figure prominently. Nope, just panties. Ohhh, he said panties! The focus on keywords also works in reverse.

Blow Job Bill Clinton the serial rapist, suspected pedophile and former President is a prime example of MSM myopia, for comparison purposes put Republican and sex and democrat in sex in two sentences and run them through Google. The results would lead one to conclude the only thing Republicans think about is sex. The only time thoughts of sex occurs to democrats is when they are discussing Republicans.

Try this combination: mass murder with (1) guns, (2) SUV, (3) right wing, (4) lesbian. Mass murder by crazed right wing loons dominates news articles. The fact that later investigation shows that right wing is a misnomer and is entirely wrong doesn’t count. SUV’s, apparently on their own, regularly mow down innocent members of the public. This, every reader knows.

However, an SUV operated by a drunken lesbian has never hurt anybody. It was the plunge off a cliff into the Pacific Ocean and the resulting sudden stop that killed a blended family of two mommies and numerous minority children. A coroners jury in California determined otherwise, concluding that is possible for a drunken lesbian to commit and act of mass murder. To add insult to the liberal narrative she did it without using a firearm.

It would seem that news organizations base their story selections with the same sensitivity as a dirty mouthed twelve-year-old boy. If it’s naughty it leads.

The Greatest Headline ever!