Another One Bites the Dust

Joseph Garcia, of the Texas Seven executed, Merry Christmas motherfucker!

Eighteen years ago this turd, along with six others escaped from TDC. The group engaged in a robbery spree that resulted in the shooting death of a Dallas are police officer, Aubrey Hawkins. But, but, he didn’t do it!

Joseph Garcia was victim of circumstance. He was in prison for murdering a friend in a brawl. But, he shouldn’t have been there. It was self defense. His attorney messed up. The judge was prejudiced. 

He was sent to TDC, where he met the other six inmates. Over several months they plotted and planned their escape. Then they implemented the plan. It wasn’t his fault. He shouldn’t have been there in TDC.

Once free of the prison walls, he could have gone his own way. But he didn’t. The seven committed several robberies, wasn’t his idea, but he stayed with them. 

They decided that they needed guns and camping gear. The gang robbed a sporting goods store. When a single police officer showed up, the gang shot him multiple times with multiple weapons. They also beat him with a 4 x 4 for good measure. Garcia didn’t do it, he says. He was just along for the ride. They became known as the Texas Seven.

They holed up in Colorado where they were arrested a month later. Garcia was still along for the ride. 

Starting to see a trend? Poor Joseph Garcia. He is a victim of circumstance. Murders and robberies just seem to follow him, through no fault of his own. Now he has the opportunity to join four of the seven on their journey to hell. Don’t cry over this scumbag. Merry Christmas, asshole.

I have a solution to this whole lethal injection drug controversy. I think it rings all the bells. Every day law enforcement seizes quantities of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine and fentanyl. The Texas Department of Public Safety, Crime lab has pounds of the stuff. 

Tradition dictates that the condemned inmate can choose a last meal. Take it a step further. The condemned inmate gets to choose the drug cocktail from DPS stocks. There are plenty of backyard chemists imprisoned. This could be a whole new prison industry, building execution”speedballs.”

I suspect part of the objection to the current “cocktail” is that the condemned is unfamiliar with the drugs slated to be used. Give the condemned inmate a choice of the old familiar standbys and he’ll probably insert the needle himself. Such a move would eliminate a whole host of frivolous appeals and may even result in a surplus of volunteers.