A Plague on Your House

The New York Times’ head office in Midtown Manhattan was treated for a bedbug infestation over the weekend.

The newspaper’s Building Operations team sent a company-wide email on Monday disclosing that a sweep of the newspaper’s newsroom uncovered “evidence of bedbugs” in a “wellness room” on the second floor, as well as on the third and fourth floor.

Baltimore Among Most Rat-Infested Cities In U.S.: Orkin

While Baltimore showed progress from last year, it still made the top 10 on Orkin’s list of “Rattiest Cities.”

Health officials warn of typhus outbreak in downtown L.A.


Several people in downtown Los Angeles have fallen sick with typhus, a disease spread by fleas that can cause organ damage if left untreated.

Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! There is trouble in the liberal land of OZ. Rats, bedbugs and fleas! What no locusts? Seems like a plague of biblical proportions. Okay, maybe not. That doesn’t mean a guy can’t still have fun.

First, we find out that the New York Times has bedbugs. How fitting. Does anybody recall the phrase, “Crazy as bedbugs!” Which came first? The bedbugs or the craziness that represents the Slimes current editorial slant?

Not to be outdone the Washington Post reports a cockroach infestation. I can hear the sibling rivalry now, “Mine’s bigger!” There are a number of hurdles in dealing with the cockroach infestation. First, one must differentiate between the vermin and the reporters. Good luck with that one! Second, there is the issue of professional courtesy. Do cockroaches deserve consideration?

Liberalism, A Public Health Crisis?

The infestation problem is not limited to liberal newsrooms. Baltimore is overcome with rats. This is obviously a case of professional courtesy run wild. A city administration controlled by democRATS for sixty years is now overcome with rodents.

Los Angeles is dealing with a similar problem, only their rats have fleas. Those fleas are carrying typhus. Typhus is not the scourge it once was, so the problem is not self correcting.

I’m not one to call this trend some type of biblical punishment. After all, San Francisco is still functioning, after a fashion. If this was biblical I would expect the Golden Gate Bridge to be replaced with a pillar of salt.

I see no indication of an invasion of locusts.

Hold that thought!