Camera Shy

Privacy Non-issue

Another case of chicken little complaining about the sky falling. People who install the ring doorbell apparently store the information on the cloud. This does two things. (1) It eliminates the incentive of the crooks to attempt to steal the camera and storage device to avoid detection. (2) It stores the information in an easily retrievable manner.

Think about this for a minute. Your neighbor is the victim of a crime. The cops have two choices. They can canvas the neighborhood for witnesses and hope to locate neighbors with first hand knowledge or video surveillance. Not everybody is likely to be home. This means multiple trips in an attempt to contact potential witnesses. Multiple trips means an expenditure of time.

Secondly, those people who do have video surveillance have to download the information to the police. Again, a time eater, as various degrees of computer expertise come into play.

The alternative is that the custodian of the videos is able to determine with several keystrokes which neighbors have video that could potentially aid the investigation. Those people can be contacted and authorize the release of the video. Even better, they can authorize the release of the video as a matter of course. This could cut days off of an investigation.

A citizen who is aware and cooperative may not realize the significance of a video capture. Many times crooks are reactive. They don’t target a specific residence so much as specific circumstances. A burglar who victimized one homeowner may have knocked on another door down the block only to back away. What the burglar may have left behind was a high quality image that could be missed.

Turds do not have a Constitutional Right to rip people off. They don’t have an expectation of privacy. As they ply their trade while in the public view, they are fair game. The home owner has the right to dictate how a video is used. Contrary to all the signs one sees posted, there is no requirement (in Texas) to inform anybody that they are subject to video taping.

Want privacy? Easy, just assume that whenever you are out in public, somebody is watching. Doesn’t matter if you can see them or not. Follow this advice and you will never have to worry about being seen rearranging the dingle balls in your butt.