History Repeats

They’re back! It seems that the only thing that is changed in Mexico is the means of killing. The Federalist article describes an event in Mexican history. However, it explains modern Mexico and the cartels. https://thefederalist.com/2019/08/22/1519-project-spanish-explorers-ended-mass-murdering-cult/

The 1519 Project describes a fun time had by the Aztecs. Pick up a newspaper of today. It could describe a typical Mexican Saturday night circa 2019.

At times, in the case of prisoners taken in war, the most horrid tortures were practiced before the bloody rite was terminated. When the gods seemed to frown, in dearth, or pestilence, or famine, large numbers of children were frequently offered in sacrifice. Thus the temples of Mexico were ever clotted with blood. Still more revolting is the well-authenticated fact that the body of the wretched victim thus sacrificed was often served up as a banquet, and was eaten with every accompaniment of festive rejoicing. It is estimated that from thirty to fifty thousand thus perished every year upon the altars of ancient Mexico.

The 1519 Project

I know let’s open our borders… what could possibly go wrong?