What Are You Listening To?

I spent the late sixties and early seventies outside of Boston. My musical palette was shaped by WBCN (FM), one of the first progressive radio stations on the east coast. One of the early disc jockeys was Peter Wolf of the J Geils Band. The DJ’S supplemented the station library with their own personal collections. They didn’t limit themselves to rock and roll. One DJ had a thing where he linked his playlist to subject matter, but the music itself could be folk, rock, blues, big band, jazz and he made it work.

I caught an earworm this weekend and was able to satisfy it with UTUBE. I then created a playlist, by subject matter, ships. You are probably familiar with most of these songs. I’m betting that one is unfamiliar to you and an indication of a misspent youth listening to top 40. The links worked when I put them up, you can find them on Utube. know them all?

Wooden Ships, CSN&Y

Proud Mary, Creadence Clearwater Revival

Sloop John B, The Beach Boys

 Legend of The USS Titanic, Jaime Brockett

The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, Gordon Lightfoot


Don’t blame me if you get an ear worm.