What About Crochet?

Mike Rowe used to have a TV program called DIRTY JOBS. Mike would travel to various locations and join the crew for the day and attempt to perform the job. Mike picker well, he had a parade of disgusting jobs week after week. Many were tasks that rolled downhill to the entry-level worker. A funny thing happened, all those gross jobs performed in adverse conditions for minimum pay and nobody complained on camera. It might not be much, but it was their job and the fact that they could do it where others wouldn’t or couldn’t was compensation in a currency that the weak sisters would never know.

I guess it is a sign of the times. Penn-State-ban-outdoor-clubs-nature-dangerous. The University has picked three programs to start, the SCUBA Club, the 98-year-old Outing Club (hiking, camping, rock climbing, and canoeing),  and The Grotto Club.  The University pointed out that some of the activities were inherently dangerous. It seems a typical liberal attitude, why would anybody risk life and limb for a sport, low paying job, or fill in the blank.

I’ve been through a 1000 doors knowing that the guy on the other side was likely armed and none too happy to see me. Didn’t stop me. I don’t know how many times I put a patrol car into a 40 mph rated turn at 70 mph and came out the other side. I do know how many patrol cars I wrecked in head-on collisions (3) and walked away unscathed. I have searched cold dark waters to find drowning victims and recovered 8 1/2. Sometimes there wasn’t time to consider like and dislike, there was just do. There were occasions where I would have preferred to be somewhere else, but if not me, who? I understand risk and managing risk and mitigating risk. I don’t understand avoiding risk, ultimately somebody has to do it.

Experience has shown me that if I can operate in adverse conditions and complete the necessary tasks without undue effort, then conducting those same tasks in ideal conditions is easy. Not everything that I have learned and applied “on the job” was taught as part of a job skill. Leadership is the same whether it is practiced in the office, a remote trail, or the deck of a boat prior to a dive.

All of this is an explanation why I don’t understand liberals and consider them to be beneath contempt, when they get on one of these,”We know Best Jags.” The clubs that Penn State is banning are voluntary activities that gave somebody with an interest or just a desire, to experiment with something new.  Neophytes operated under controlled circumstances and the supervision of experienced practitioners. The school is right any of the named activities can be dangerous. But that danger can be mitigated by following the rules, possessing the right equipment and knowing how to use the equipment. Part of the learning experience was how to do it safely. By removing the forum, the risk managers have created a self-fulfilling prophecy.

You don’t see conservatives going to liberal venues slapping the dicks out of liberal mouths because they are not doing it right. What is it about liberals that gives them the right to determine what people can and cannot do?

Two liberals were on Facebook. One says to the other, “I hate judgmental people.” The other responded, “Me too!” I couldn’t leave it alone and added my two cents, “In order to hate judgmental people, don’t you first have to be judgmental?” That comment went over like a hickey on a hemorrhoid.