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Report: Maryland Shooter ‘Legally’ Had Gun That Was Registered to Her

ABERDEEN, MD - SEPTEMBER 20: Police barricade the entrance to a Rite Aid Distribution Center where multiple people were killed and injured in a shooting on September 20, 2018 in Aberdeen, Maryland. A woman opened fire at the distribution center killing three and wounding several others. The suspect, in critical …
Mark Makela/Getty Images, Facebook/Snochia Moseley

The woman who allegedly opened fire on co-workers at the Aberdeen, Maryland, Rite Aid distribution center with a handgun legally owned the gun and it was registered to her.

The Daily Mail reports that 26-year-old Snochia Moseley opened fire outside the building housing the distribution center, then went inside and continued firing.

Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey R. Gahler said she wounded three and killed three, then shot herself. Moseley died from her wound; the others who were injured are expected to survive.

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