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He/She shooter Rite Aid Distribution Center


8:22 AM 09/21/2018 Joshua Gill | Religion Reporter 52

A friend of the woman who killed three people in a mass shooting in Maryland Thursday revealed that she identified as a transgender male.

Authorities identified the shooter who killed three people and wounded two others at a Rite Aid distribution center in Aberdeen as a 26-year-old woman named Snochia Moseley. While both the police and court documents identified Moseley, who worked at the distribution center, as biologically female, Troi Coley, a high school friend of the shooter, revealed that she identified as transgender in as early as 2016.

It’s bad enough that male machismo is a likely cause of many violent confrontations, now a new factor comes into play. The shooter at the Maryland Rite Aid distribution center has been identified as a she transitioning to a he.

The shit is about to hit the fan! Imagine the potential for violence posed by all those pseudo-males loaded with testosterone injections and their approximation of machismo, coupled with menstrual cramps. That means every 28 days a mass murder is liable to occur somewhere in the United States.

Wonder how quick the trans community will be to welcome this he/she into their ranks? Remember sensitivity is a term they put on condom wrappers.