Tulsa Update


Autopsy-Tulsa-police-victim-had PCP in his system.  The timeline is going to be critical.  Her attorney indicates that she had already been through (searched) the vehicle and found a vial of what she suspected to be PCP. If that is the case I’m betting the jury will almost certainly acquit.

PCP is a bad news drug. Not only does it lead to violent outbursts but people under the influence are impervious to pain. If she truly believed that the suspect was under PCP, then she under reacted. The proper response is to shoot him in order to knock down, drive a stake through his heart and cut off his head.

Answers that should be available:

1, Prevalence of PCP in the community

2. Normal method of packaging for sale, vial, sherms (cigarettes saturated with PCP)

3. Related paraphernalia.

4. Suspect behavior from what I’ve seen his actions were consistent with PCP.

5. Keep in mind the ME called it a PCP overdose.  I would want some more discussion on what constitutes an overdose.

6. I expect that the DA will go to trial and the jury legitimately go either way without playing games.