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Subway Panic

If you live in New York and you have been thinking about moving, Florida is nice. You probably wouldn’t like Texas at all its full of poisonous snakes, stinging insects and the Mexican Cartels have machine gun battles in the streets. Texas is no place for a New Yorker, terrible place, stay away. Subway-Evacuation-B-Train-Central-Park-West-81st-Street-Panic-Report-

 The MSM was at a loss to explain why a trainload of New Yorkers suddenly and inexplicably unassed a subway car during the morning commute. This is what they do know: An emotionally disturbed woman who somehow scared riders on a B train near Central Park West sparked a panic at the height of Wednesday’s morning rush, with straphangers tweeting about “mass evacuations” and “people stampeding,” according to a senior law enforcement official familiar with the investigation. Rana Novini reports.

Maybe it was:

  • some witnesses said she threatened riders with a knife, but the specific nature of the woman’s behavior wasn’t clear.
  • Reddit user Sherlock_House said he was in the car with the emotionally disturbed woman when she started screaming and fighting with another rider
  • “I was in the next car, and people started screaming and running off the train saying some kid was going crazy and stabbing people,” user ms23789 said. “It all seems silly in retrospect, but when people are running and saying someone is stabbing people, you’re not really inclined to stick around to check it out.

Define rational. It seems to me that the subway riders have a pretty good handle on what constitutes threatening behavior. The press loves talking out both sides of its mouth.

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