Round Two Begins

Robert Mueller

Robert Swan Mueller III (born August 7, 1944) is an American lawyer and civil servant who was the sixth Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, serving from September 4, 2001, to September 4, 2013. A Republican, he was appointed by President George W.

People have expressed reservations about the appointment of a Special Prosecutor and the choice of Robert Mueller, in that role.  I do not share those reservations. Robert Mueller has spent the majority of his adult life in three roles, U.S. Marine, (Assistant) United States Attorney, and the second longest serving Director of the FBI. He wasn’t pursuing employment; he was answering a higher calling. Stray-thoughts-about-Comey.

Where I part company with the doubters is that Mueller and Comey performed the same job. Mueller at such a high level that the most partisan hack of all time Barak Obama asked Mueller to stay on as Director of the FBI. Mueller was subsequently replaced by James Comey.

The press makes a big deal out of the fact that Mueller and Comey were friends and coworkers. What they fail to tell you is that under Bush the second Ashcraft as Attorney General and Mueller as Director of the FBI taught Comey how to stare down a President and win. When it came time to step up, Comey demonstrated he wasn’t worthy of Mueller’s trust and friendship. In the process, Comey besmirched the reputation of two agencies Mueller loved The Department of Justice, United States Attorney’s Office, and the FBI.

Comey has acted as a political hack with no honor, no integrity and not a whole lot of intelligence. He didn’t do it alone. Now Mueller is the Special Prosecutor with a brief to sort things out and take appropriate action. If Mueller is the man, I think he is Comey is in trouble. He violated his oath and sold his soul in the name of politics, and in the process exposed to ridicule two agencies to which Mueller devoted his life.

I may be projecting, based on my experience. An investigator I worked with twisted off. That’s cop talk for screwing female informants and stealing drugs from the evidence locker. He wrecked a G-ride (government vehicle assigned to him), and the routine urine test that followed was the first inkling that we had a problem. We went to the FBI and Texas Rangers to ask for help and received the same reply, “Sucks to be you.”

The boss put it on me to fix it. I fixed it. I put together a case that sent a buddy, and former partner to Federal prison for twelve and a half years, out in ten.

A guy I thought was a friend, that shared our common sense of mission, and who appeared a rock of dependability broke the faith. It’s a funny thing about crooked cops and their supporters the guy that puts the crooked cop in jail is the rat, traitor, and the bad guy. The man that lied, cheated, stole and used his position to gain a personal advantage is always the victim. Two strangers entered the police department; they took the same oath, one remained true to the oath, the other trampled upon it for personal gain. Who is the traitor?

All I know if my name were Comey, Lynch, or Clinton I wouldn’t want to rely on Mueller’s good graces.