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BJ Bill and fellow pedophile Jeffrey Epstein

Stuff you won’t see in the MSM.

I used to refer to the Secret Service as pimps with badges. I might have to reevaluate. BJ Bill Clinton, the serial rapist and former President left his protective detail behind on at least five occasions when he flew on the “Lolita Express.”

During presidential campaigns federal agents from a variety of agencies are pressed into service to supplement the Secret Service protective details. This story was related to me by an ATF agent who found himself working midnights on candidate BJ Bill’s detail in Detroit.

We were gathered up at the ATF office waiting to go into a pre-raid briefing. An ATF agent began to tell this story to a group of narcs. Another agent heard the opening refrain and came charging out of his office panic stricken. It was obvious the second agent was going to shut this war story down. When he found out just which war story was on the table, everything was okay.

Markie Post

According to the ATF agent, he was stationed in the elevator lobby on the floor where Clinton was staying. Only one elevator had access to the floor. Anybody using the elevator was vetted by the Secret Service in the lobby, and the elevator made no stops in between. The lobby agents would radio the floor agents when the elevator began its journey.

It was late, ATF agents weren’t trusted in prime time, so he was working the midnight shift. With no radio warning, the doors opened and a noticeably intoxicated Markie Post stumbled out. Our intrepid story teller was certain that he had encountered a security breech. His Secret Service supervisor dismissed his concern. Ms. Post was allowed to pass unmolested, at least by the security detail. She gained entry to BJ Bill’s room where she stayed until about five in the morning.

I have always felt that this wasn’t a particularly flattering story to relate about the President. But what I really wanted to know, if this was a benchmark for an acceptable story, what was the story that had the second agent in an uproar?

Throw in the Lolita Express stories and a new question arises. BJ Bill has a history going back to when he was Governor of using his protective detail to procure women. This activity continued when he was under Secret Service protection.

BJ Bill abandoned his Secret Service detail on the Lolita Express. Why? Could it be that watching their principal screw a fifteen-year-old was a step to far for the Secret Service?