Sign of the Times

It was bound to happen

Since the first ballot was cast the US electorate has managed to elect the stupid, the corrupt and the incompetent to high office. To be fair some candidates were that way prior to the election and some revealed themselves after taking office.

Vermont democrats have elected a transgender candidate. he/she will be the first certifiably crazy candidate to be selected for a high office. Transsexualism is classified as a body dysmorphic disorder and is a severe mental illness. 

Just to show my heart is in the right place I offer the following campaign slogan, gratis.

Vote for Christine Hallquist, he/she is Crazier Than a Shit House Rat

We used to joke about inbreeding being a particular problem in Vermont due to snow and long winter nights. I’m sorry now, it was supposed to be a joke. I didn’t realize it was true.