Shit in Hair, Episode #27

A gunman walked into a synagogue and began shooting. One woman was killed in three other people were injured. It could have been worse but a member of the congregation shot back. The gunman fled and contacted 911 to complain that people were shooting at him.

I don’t publish the names or photos of active shooters, it only encourages the next wacko waiting in the wings.

Three, two, one… it’s Trump’s fault. Guns are evil. Yada-yada-yada. This clown posted a manifesto and may have even tried to live stream the event. This shooting isn’t about left or right, Jew or Gentile. This guy was an equal opportunity hater. He set fire to a Mosque several weeks earlier. Here is an except from his disjointed ramblings.

San Diego Shooter Manifesto

Look at Me! I’ve Rubbed Shit in My Hair!

All of these shooters share some common traits. They travel through life in obscurity that they feel they don’t deserve. Their grandiose view of themselves is not acknowledged by those around them. The Columbine shooters tried the Goth thing, but that didn’t work. The Denver shooter told his psychologist of his plans, but didn’t get taken seriously. The Virginia shooter refused to talk with his roommates for a year. They didn’t notice.

They come up with a big finish and manage to screw that up. Malfunction drill, reload drill, what’s that?

The MSM isn’t particularly bright. This lack limits original thought. Let’s see we can look at individual actions in a range of incidents or we can focus on a common element. The MSM plays games. A car accident is just a traffic accident, unless it involves an SUV, then it is an SUV accident.

With the recent mass murder committed by two lesbians in a SUV, I predict a decrease in SUV fatal accident stories. Nobody in the MSM will point out that an SUV was favored over a firearm.

Let a Republican be implicated in a scandal and party affiliation is part of the headline. If the miscreant is a democrat, party affiliation is unimportant. A gun used in a crime is front page news. A gun used to stop a crime isn’t worth the newsprint.

Bad people do bad shit. They will use what comes to hand in order to accomplish that purpose, guns, bombs, an SUV or knives. Look at Great Britain, they have banned guns and now they are working on banning knives.

It’s not the gun, it’s the person who wields it.