So Many Idiots…. So Little Time

The sign is just so wrong

The Gila County Sheriff has come under fire for “shaming” sandal wearing potential hikers. I feel like the sign is unnecessary because the target audience is unable to comprehend the message.

I’ll play. The Sheriff has no right to dictate a hiker’s fashion choices. In exchange the hiker has no right to expect assistance or rescue should their choice prove to be ill-advised.

Didn’t bring enough water? The hiker can ask, but nobody is obliged to provide water. After all, providing water would interfere with the self actualization and choices made by the supplicant.

Tired of carrying the kids? Put em down. Maybe the gypsies will carry them off. If not, they represent the shallow end of a gene pool best not perpetuated.

Finally, I’m with Dennis Miller, the sign interferes with a natural way of thinning the herd.

I’m not being mean and vindictive. I’m just trying to apply every liberals favorite theorist, Charles Darwin.

Shopping at the Mall is not a survival skill