Oh, For the Good Old Days

The only time balls hanging below the hemline is manly.

Google has an internal newsletter put out by the human resources. It is supposed to serve as a forum to report and discuss microaggressions. https://www.dailycaller.com/2019/06/25/inside-google-microaggressions-newsletter/

Here is an example of the type of reports the newsletter receives.

The soy police
“A coworker approached me to say that he noticed I consumed a lot of soy products (I’m a vegetarian) and that he was worried my testicles would shrink, my testosterone would fail, and estrogen would rise. It was inappropriate to begin with, but also cast people with lower testosterone as less masculine or manly

I guess I am not enlightened. What is the complaint here? Is it inappropriate for one man to worry about another man’s testicles? Is the writer disparaging effeminate men? Can a limp wristed swish with dreams of silk panties and a training bra, in his size, be manly at the same time?

Is referring to a he/she as asshole, so as to avoid using the wrong pronoun a microaggression?

Is it inappropriate to require coworkers to use all 72 identified gender preferences on consecutive days in order to try each one out before settling? In New York City it is a crime to guess wrong punishable by a fine of $250,000.

I guess it is just as well I’m not in the workforce any longer. Think of the hours of fun one could have. In the current climate, any question, comment or complaint no matter how bizarre requires an answer. There truly are no stupid questions any more.

Rumor has it that James O’Keefe got his start by lodging a grievance while at Rutgers. He claimed that the dining halls was serving “Lucky Charms” breakfast cereal. This amounted to adverse cultural stereotyping of the Irish. “Lucky Charms” are no longer served at Rutgers.

Here are some workplace inequities that should be addressed:

  • Women’s restrooms are often equipped with a couch. Men’s restrooms don’t rate such an innovation. This is sexist.
  • Many workplaces ban smoking. These same workplaces offer smoking cessation programs and offer other incentives to quit. They force smokers to designated areas. Under the American with Disabilities act management has to offer a climate controlled environment.
  • I’m sure other issues will come to mind with a little thought.