Not Every Lawsuit Can Have The Same Impact as Roe V Wade

Ruth! Wake up damn it, this could be important.

I ran across these two lawsuits. When I taught legal issues in the police academy I pointed out that officers can be sued for anything at anytime. It doesn’t have to make sense.

Here is an appellate decision from the Tenth Circuit (Federal). A guy divorces his wife and his buddy tries to wrangle an introduction so the bud can snag some sloppy seconds. The ex-husband refuses.

  • Pro se allegation: After my friend got divorced, he refused to help set me up with his ex-wife. That’s intentional emotional abuse (also, he’s guilty of money laundering and tax evasion). Tenth Circuit: Yeah, we’re pretty sure the district court got this one right when it ruled against you.

Popeye’s Chicken has introduced a new sandwich. They are having problems meeting the demand. One would be sandwich aficionado was frustrated in his attempt to get a sandwich. Rather than go to Chick-Fil-A, he went to court.

Man sues Popeye’s for running out of chicken sandwiches

by: WFLA 8 On Your Side StaffPosted: Aug 30, 2019 / 07:44 AM EDT / Updated: Aug 30, 2019 / 09:47 AM EDT

This Aug. 21, 2019, photo, shows Popeye’s new chicken sandwich, the spicy version, in New Rochelle, N.Y. (AP Photo/Julia Rubin)

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – A Tennessee man claims he spent “countless hours” finding something else to eat after Popeyes Chicken ran out of its popular crispy sandwich this week. So he’s suing the chain for wasting his time, WTVC reported.

The lawsuit, which is seeking $5,000 in damages, alleges that Popeyes engaged in “false advertising” and “deceptive business practices by entity to public.”

“I can’t get happy; I have this sandwich on my mind. I can’t think straight,” the man filing the summons, 
Craig Barr told the Times Free Press. “It just consumes you.”

Barr said he answered a “blacklist” Craigslist ad from a friend of a man claiming to be a Popeyes worker who said he was selling chicken sandwiches out of the back of the restaurant for $24.

Barr said the man took his money, but he never received the sandwich.
“Countless time wasted driving to and from Popeyes. No chicken sandwich. Was told to come back this day—still no sandwich,”

Barr said.Barr said he filed the lawsuit to stand up to “big corporate,” according to the newspaper.

He was assigned a court date at the end of October.

I was a cop for thirty years. The only time I ever got sued was for “failure to cater.” I arrested a car full of crack monsters. It took four hours to get all the paperwork done and then get them down to the Magistrate Office to be booked. By the time the turds made it to the county jail they missed the head count for breakfast. They had to wait until lunch.

This delay was held, by one, to be a violation of their civil right to have corn flakes, white bread toast and watery coffee at the county jail. It was good for a laugh, but never went anywhere.

What would Tony Do?