Nomination For Hero Badge

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Trakr ( the dog) taking a break

Trakr was driven down from Nova Scotia by his handler. He found the last known survivor from ground zero, Genelle Guzman. When his handler, Symington, was seen on TV by his department in Canada, he was suspended for leaving without permission.

Shit Happens! Used to be a bumper sticker. Used to be real life.

There are two hallmarks of a great Chief of Police. One is knowing how much ass to eat when a subordinate screws up and to stop when that point is met.

The second is to throw an arm around the subordinate while simultaneously stating publicly, “I sure am proud of…” while whispering, “If you do something like this again, they will never find your body!” The ability to talk out of both sides of one’s mouth is required for consideration as a Chief.

Ace of Spades had the link. I copied it. The dogs of 9-11, New York City.

Trakr died in April of 09

I’m proud of Trakr and Constable Symington and all the others that ran to “the sound of the guns.” As to his Chief, somebody has to count paperclips and kiss the politicians asses. This nomination for a hero badge is dedicated to that Chief.

Half the battle is distinguishing between the real and imagined problems.