Compare and Contrast #213

I am not suggesting that all doctors who perform abortions are serial murderers. However, running an abortion clinic is a dream come true for some doctors who are inclined that way.

This type of activity sounds familiar

Will County sheriff’s detectives, crime scene investigators and representatives from the coroner’s office went to the address and were directed to an area of the property where 2,246 medically preserved fetal remains were located.

Serial Murder and Collections

All of the guys (above) are serial murders. All of them collected what are known in investigation circles as “trophies.” These trophies can range from personal possessions of their victims to body parts.

Certainly there is a distinction to be made. Serial murderers are not sanctioned by society. When they are discovered they are arrested tried and convicted. Mostly.

Dr. Joseph Mengele

Dr. Joseph Mengele was a physician and member of the Nazi SS. He participated in the selection process at Auschwitz determining which prisoners lived and which died. He also conducted a series of medical experiments on prisoners, resulting in death.

Both Dr. Klopfer and Dr. Mengele were respected members of society. They were recognized as experts in their field. Both enjoyed government support. Both Mengele and Klopfer never faced criminal sanctions for their crimes. That doesn’t make them good people.

Mengele remained a fugitive for over thirty years, but that didn’t interfere with his lifestyle. Dr. Klopfer lost his license to practice medicine but otherwise suffered no inconvenience. Apologists and supporters of Klopfer like ACLU attorney Mary Watts attempted to spin the argument about Kloper’s misdeeds as a trivial matter of semantics on paperwork and documentation.

There are people out there who display certain negative traits. We ignore the manifestation of those traits at our own risk. It seems like Kloper would be right at home with these guys.

It doesn’t take a jury to figure this out.