Nomination for Hero Badge

Edna, Public Health Menace

The San Francisco Fire Department evicted the station house cat after they received an anonymous complaint that the cat posed a public health menace. This is the same city where homeless shit any place that moves them and discarded syringes litter the landscape.

Edna, the cat, lived in Station 49. Station 49 is an EMS facility that services and resupplies ambulances. The complain alleged the cat could potentially contaminate medical supplies and had to go. The cat had to go.

It has been my experience that damn near everything used on a patient is packaged to prevent contamination. The real culprits as far as contamination goes, are people. Every hospital in the country is one giant petri dish for staff infections. Let’s ban people.

Bureaucracies lack a sense of humor, and anything resembling common sense. While a student at Rutgers University, James O’Keefe filed a complaint about the selection of breakfast cereals in the dining halls. He claimed that “Lucky Charm’s” was a micro-aggression against the Irish. The cereal packaging, with the Leprechaun, perpetuated a stereotype. The university took Luck Charms off the menu. Bye bye Lucky Charms.

At least cats bury their turds.