Nomination For Hero Badge

Even the crooks are equipped with video.

Bad guy shoots at cops and misses. Cops return fire, a bunch of rounds go down range. Nobody on either side gets hit. That is no reason for a hero badge. There were three cops, one crook and one slightly battered wife, girlfriend or baby mama. The officers dropped four attempted murder charges on the turd. He fired one time. Must be the new math. 

A Florida idiot took exception the the police interrupting the ass whooping he was giving his old lady. He went on to film the cops filming the confrontation. To liven things up, he produced a weapon and fired one round. The cops fired multiple times, nobody got hit. The cops video below.

I can see four counts of attempted murder, if the crook fired four times. I might concede four counts if the cops were stacked up and hiding one behind the other.

As a general rule, the prosecutor has to prove that the defendant intended for a certain thing to happen. Alternately, it may be sufficient to show that the actor knew that his actions were likely to cause a particular result.

The crook fired one round. No argument that one round resulted in some stained underwear. Since the officers were arrayed in an arc, if the officer on the right (facing) was the target, then officer on the left was not. Since the crook was filming his own point of view, his video is likely to demonstrate conclusively what his intended target was.

I suspect that the officers gave statements that indicated each, individually, was in fear for his life. It may well be true. That does not mean that the turd was targeting them all at the same time. The use of deadly force is justified due to an imminent threat. That means, in this case, being second or third in line is still imminent. The justification would also apply if they feared for the life of a third party. Both rationales justify the use of force without a clumsy piling on of charges.

I hope the turd goes to prison long enough to prepare him for his new occupation as a bus garage. Hopefully, when his fellow inmates are done with him a city bus can drive up his asshole and make a three point turn never touching the sides.