Nomination for Hero Badge

Sign Language Interpreter to Chief’s right

I have never figured out what possible advantage a press conference offers to anybody other than the TV news. A briefing package prepared by the PIO would ensure that the information was disseminated and not subject to interpretation. 

However, since these media events seem to be expected, I still don’t see why this is a law enforcement problem. If the Chief or the PIO spoke gibberish, then that is a lick on them. You don’t see anybody complaining when the police give a short succinct statement statement that the press screws up, do you?

Most departments maintain a relationship with a third party either as an individual providing professional services or a company providing a qualified practitioner. I know nothing about Swahili, Chinese, Serbo-Croation, or American Sign language. How does one go about evaluating the competency or a speaker for a language you do not understand? Interpreter-deliveredconfusion-Florida-news-conference-