Twisted Rhetoric

The headline is ho hum, dip shit brings knife to gunfight. The follow-up headline puts the story in the “What the Fuck” category. NYPD-officershoots-kills-machete-wielding-man

It is important to remember that a college educated reporter employed in the largest news market in the world read over this story and just before hitting the send button said,”Perfect.”

It then went to an editor, presumably a senior reporter, also college educated, who has years of experience in the news business looked at this reporters work product and said …

Maybe it is me, but as written, the story appears to indicate that a NYPD officer was confronted by a man waving a machete. The officer left the machete waving man to his own devices while he tracked down a judge and obtained a search warrant. What for? I don’t know. The officer returned to the scene found the same guy, waving the same machete and this time because he had a search warrant, the officer shot machete wielding guy.

Must be tough when the weatherman gets the story right more often than the news department