Nomination For a Hero Badge

A Tale of Two Cities

Dallas and Los Angeles two similar scenes result in two different responses. In Dallas a local artist decided to decorate his home for Halloween. Neighbors and passersby rewarded his efforts by calling the police.

Dallas Cops respond to Halloween tableau.

Meanwhile in the land of fruits and nuts, Los Angeles, life goes on. An elderly guy decides to end it all and goes out on his balcony in Marina Del Ray. He shot himself and there his body laid. Neighbors, if they noticed, chalked it up to a Halloween display. Once the body started stinking somebody finally got around to calling the police.

My suspicion is that the call to 9-11 was not triggered by the concern for a neighbor but because the stench interfered with the Marina Del Ray lifestyle.

Never mind’ Hell of a way to go.” It’s also a hell of a way to be found.