Lost in the Translation

First there was chicks with dicks. Then men who menstruate. Now it is butchers without meat. Don’t like reality? Make something up. Correct me if I’m wrong. Isn’t applying a term, as it is commonly understood, to a diametrically opposed concept, cultural appropriation? I thought cultural appropriation was bad. Guess it depends on who is doing the appropriating.


This would be a good time to point out the definition of butcher. Butcher can be a noun or a verb. As a noun the term clearly does not apply. It doesn’t fare much better as a verb. A case can be made that butcher and vegan are compatible when used as an informal verb. As in: to call a greengrocer a butcher is to butcher the language.

butcher noun
(Entry 1 of 2)someone who cuts and sells meat in a shopsomeone who kills animals and prepares their meat to be eatena shop that sells meat
butcher verb
(Entry 2 of 2)to kill (an animal) and prepare its meat for saleto kill (people or animals) in a brutal and cruel way
informal to do (something) very badly to make a mess of (something)

Merriam Webster

If this vegan shit is so good how come everything they make is supposed to taste just like meat? Why can’t it stand on its own? I like vegetables. I guess I’m too smart to be a vegan. I’ve never confused broccoli with a steak.

Casey Stengel was a man a head of his time.

From the mouths of babes
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