Nomination For A Hero Badge

Cops get a Bye, this time. The award goes to the School District.

How times change! When Mae West made this comment back in the 1930’s, the sexual innuendo was controversial. Today, her reference to a gun rings the bell.

A six year old Downs Syndrome child gave her teacher the “Gunman’s Salute.” The teacher called the cops. The school considered such an act a viable threat.

Jonathan Turley, noted law professor, legal commentator and liberal legal whore penned a column decrying the action. You know the anti-gun folks have crossed the Rubicon when they have lost Turley.

Police said they could not comment.
The “Gun Man’s Salute. Didn’t hear anybody complain when he did it!

The teacher called the cops. The cops came, took a report and left. The police department has declined to release the report. They also refused to comment.

Cops get called to all sorts of calls. Most result in some type of report. Often times the report contains no allegations of criminal conduct. It merely documents an event and the officer’s activity.

The problem is that schools have outlawed common sense by adopting what is called zero tolerance policies. Finger pointing with a cocked thumb is taken as a violent act. Another example.

This image came to mind. Then I realized that this is a bad example. This image would probably be banned in most schools. Simply because it involves a white male in patriotic regalia. White man bad.

I think I’ve identified the problem in this case. The Valley Forge Elementary School has at least one teacher and a principal who have no business in education. A threat, to be viable, must occur within the realm of possibility. Finger pointing just doesn’t make it. Anybody who can’t figure that out doesn’t need to occupy a position of authority.

Using the standard, in place at Valley Forge Elementary School, Pelosi is lucky she isn’t in jail.

President Trump survives assassination attempt by Nancy Pelosi