It’s All Relative

These days it seems that being guilty of committing a particular act or omission is irrelevant. All that is necessary, to avoid negative publicity, is to have the proper “spin doctor.” A case in point:

Heartwarming Portraits Of The Past Have Us Daydreaming Just Like It Was Yesterday

Colonel Sanders and shock-rocker Alice Cooper discuss the infamous Chicken Incident of 1969.

Pictured here is a somewhat perplexed looking Colonel Sanders posing with a thoroughly amused Alice Cooper. This photo was taken sometime in the 1970s. In 2014, when asked about this strange encounter, Cooper recalled; “Here comes this nice old man in a white suit, suddenly I realize that this is the Hannibal Lecter of chickens. I have the death of exactly one chicken on my hands, and this guy has a score of 10 billion. Yet everyone loves this guy, and hates me for being a chicken killer! The irony of the two of us being in the same room at the same time was not lost on either me or the Colonel.”

Cooper went on to elaborate on his “chicken incident,” stating; “There was an INCREDIBLE thing that happened in the early 70’s! Somebody threw a chicken onstage, I threw the chicken in the audience, the audience tore it to pieces, and then in the newspaper the next day the headline read “Alice Cooper tears chicken to pieces.” It’s the most notorious story about Alice Cooper that’s been going on forever. And I thought “it just one chicken and I didn’t even kill it, the audience killed it, so I thought why not take a picture with the mass murderer of chickens Colonel Sanders?” so to me it had a sense of humor to it. I mean, one chicken for me, seven BILLION chickens for Colonel Sanders. And yet I’m the villain. I would say if you interviewed the chickens they would be more terrified of him, than me.”

What would Tony do?