It Starts

Some people may be dismayed that AG Barr hasn’t jumped on the Inspector General’s bandwagon. Stand by. There are other potential defendants out there. This could be a first step.

As a retired investigator I know that sometimes you move very quietly and gather your facts and evidence without alerting the target. Comey and company know that they are targets. Creeping along the baseboard isn’t going to get the job done. Sometimes it pays to, as Shakespeare said, “Cry Havoc and let slip the dogs of war!” The dovetails nicely into another old English saying, “Every man for himself and the Devil take the hindmost.” 

There is a whole cast of felons out there. They engaged in a large scale criminal conspiracy to manipulate justice for their own ends. Comey can smirk if he wants. Anybody see Strozk and his girlfriend dancing a jig? How about McCabe? All of these folks were FBI and worked and conspired with Comey.

All of these folks are now forced to damage control. The IG likely interviewed them. They can read the IG report and read the allegations with. Are their statements in conflict with the reported facts? Are they at risk? How can they mitigate the risk? If the co-defendants are all scrambling around trying to protect their own interests, the united front collapses. In chaos there is opportunity.

The betting line says McCabe will be indicted. McCabe’s wife is also at risk. At this point, the IG was working with emails, memos and self serving statements. With this information the IG concluded that Comey was a liar, that he misled investigators, and failed to protect classified documents within established rules. Having a participant testify puts a whole new slant on what has been a paper chase thus far.

The difference between doing a lot of time and getting one’s time down to manageable numbers is called, “substantial cooperation.” The reality is nobody is interested in talking to the last guy in line, or the one at the top of the heap.

Remember all of these same players signed off on a wiretap affidavit, under oath, that the facts contained within were true and correct. It seems to me that lying to obtain a wiretap is not misleading but perjury. It was done intentionally in order to violate the constitutional rights of the person targeted. There are too many people and too many moving parts for this conspiracy to remain secret.

Bad press is one thing, prison is another. Somebody better give Comey the telephone number for the Suicide Prevention hotline. It may not prevent his upcoming suicide but will establish a history of suicidal depression.