Idiots Helping Idiots

I don’t know how it happened but I get a nightly email from something called the Quora Digest. This is a forum where people who are too stupid to use Wikipedia in their quest to find wrong answers, post their question on line. Questions about cops are ever popular. Here is an example.

What does it mean when a police officer runs your ID then clips it onto his shirt over his heart until he is ready to leave? I know this sounds strange but it has happened to me twice in the last six weeks

Let me get this straight, this asshole has been jacked up by the patrol twice in six weeks. He is not curious about why the po-po be picking on him. He apparently doesn’t have a problem with whatever topics they discussed. No, the old slide the ID into the (pen, tie or camera clip) has got him confused.

I suspect he is looking for cause and effect. Sometimes the cops don’t clip his ID to their person and he gets to go home. Sometimes they do and he gets to go to jail. But not always. It’s all so confusing.

Never fear, there is somebody even stupider that the guy, that posed the question, that has the answer. If they weren’t so stupid….

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It use to be a cop game not to give you your I.D. back. Just order you to leave & not return it to hassle you if they had a I Don’t Like. It got so bad that the Federal Government had to step in & pass Federal laws. That no stop is over till your I.D. & paper work is returned. If they do not return it at the end of a stop. Press Federal charges against them. They will not forget a 2nd time. & they will do the leg work of returning it to you. Even if you are out of State. At there cost. Yes they got so bad the Feds had to step in in the U.S. to protect people from them on this.

Back in the late 1970’s we had a run of idiots, at the booking desk. They demanded their one telephone call. I’m not begrudging them a phone call. But these clowns wanted to call the White House.

At first, we would walk them through the process of searching the telephone book, no luck. Then we got them set up with directory assistance. When they got the number, we pointed out that they had just had their one telephone call. Almost all of these idiots accepted that fact and when back to the jail to sleep it off.

There’s a thing about cops. Anything worth doing, is worth doing to excess. Somebody got a toll free number to the White House Switchboard and posted it (discretely) at the booking desk. Drunks who demanded to call the White House, got the number. Drunks who didn’t know they wanted to call the White House were encouraged to make the call. Understand these phone calls generally took place after midnight.

White House switchboard operators do not have a sense of humor. Invariably they would demand to speak to the police officer. Their attempt to read the riot act to the cop was cut short. The officer would point out that a person under arrest had a right to a telephone call. Was the White House instructing local law enforcement to violate the suspect’s rights?

It all came to an end when the Secret Service paid the Chief a visit. In between snickers and out right laughter the Chief suggested that the Dog watch shift (midnights) dispense with the hotline to the White House.

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